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CrimsonRose's Raining Down..

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25 December
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* I am very new to LJ, but plan on staying so please bare with me. I am a very busy woman right now. Currently dealing with a custody battle x.x *

Do you believe werewolves exsist? If not would you offer your throat to a wolf with red roses? Who am I? is such a challenging question. I'm simple yet complex. I have two sides to my personality. Most of the time I'm a nuetral kindred spirit, while at others I am dark, mysterious, cunning, seductive and a hopeless romantic when it comes to my soulmate Toby "I love you", and very intellectual. I'm not perfect however nothing in life is perfect for it does not exsist.My kids and Toby are my world. An update we moved to his hometown and were in heaven literally it's great!!! On rare occasions if someone is foolish enough to threaten me, or any member of my family which includes friends lets just say that's when my darkest side of all comes out to play, and I won't go into details. I'm a spiritual being so I tend to follow many different ancient Pagan traditions consisting around the celtic, druid, irish and fairy path whatever you wish to call it. I am a wolf at heart and soul meaning I am a wolf therianthrope and Dioane Sidhe Incarnated Elven being. Some say I am Gothic. I am of Irish, Scottish and German Heritage, but I do not feel anything else but the Irish and Scottish side of it. I am protective over my family and friends sometimes a little too much. I am by no means submissive unless I have to pretend to be so depending on the situation of course. I was born and raised in the country and I will forever reside there. Anyhow enough about me; tell me about you.

Update: Temporarly I am stuck in Arizona fighting a custody battle for my youngest daughter one that I know I'll win because as a mother I'm over protective and want whats best for my kids. I am away from my home in Newyork but I know when the time is right and once this is all over I'll be able to go home with my daughter. I know The higher powers Myself and Toby won't let me down :D even if him and I were on temp. hiatus. I know for a fact everything is fine. We had a very long talk.