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Wolf side: In memories and dreams here's what my inner wolf looks like.

True Name: Eäryendë Valadhiel meaning Angelic daughter of the sea. I know this due to many re-occuring dreams whether sleeping or awake. I have been called this name allot. Details below.

Welcome to my journey and the struggles of my second Awakening. I have always been found of anything elvish in nature ,just as I have always known there was something so much more to my soul than just the wolf within. Perhaps I have held back, and partially denied my true nature and myself. Just recently I started experiencing strange things. -- will continue tomorow. This whole thing is exhausting. My profile pic is very very scary similar to what Iv'e seen myself look like in my memories and dreams past and present. The dreams in my past were very unstable and I did not understand them to me they seemed unclear ;yet familar.-- will continue there's so much to add to this whole awakening description.

Where I roleplay :D & Char Profile

In the way of smoke and mirrors...

Dies Deorum is an Urban Fantasy setting with woven elements of
horror and science fiction alongside the primary genre. Player-driven,
it is inclusive of both board-wide plots and small in depth stories.

Within this world there exists all the things humankind once believed
in, born from that very belief and some now waning without it.Walking
parallel to the mundane, you will find the djinn, the fey, the vampiric,
the demonic, werebeasts, the divine, spirits, many others... and their
progeny, Other-blooded mortals with the gifts of their preternatural
ancestors coursing through their veins.

Even so, the world is a mortal world, populated most by said mortals
who spark each new epoch with ingenuity and the stubbornness of their
kind...and are just as much a presence in the setting. The fanatic,
the psychotic, the beautiful, and the bizarre.

This, is Dies Deorum


A Rose Born Of The Sea

//The Journey
Basic Character Information
NAME: Muirin Amacla "Born Of The Sea Beautiful Rose"

AGE: 18 by appearance; Long-Lived

SEX: Female

TYPE: Aes Sidhe, Leanan

TRADITION: Pagan, Finnbheara

AFFILIATION: Finnbheara Heritage

STATUS: Active

//Behind The Mask
Further Character Details
Intellectual & Observant: She is a very intelligent creature and not much gets past her but mistakes can and do happen from time to time.

Sarcastic: Muirin tends to be rather blunt and sarcastic at times and sometimes she over does it and tends to piss others off.

Unbreakable Will Power: Once her mind is made up on something she believes in she hardly changes it and this is not always a good thing for her or others in her life.

Fiercely Loyal: A very loving and passionate creature especially in the matter of family and friends or beliefs she will do anything and everything to protect them. In the process she could wind up getting herself injured or someone else.

Kind Hearted: She cares for all living things and tends to have a heart of gold. A good explanation would be that she sometimes wears her heart on her sleeve and she is an emotional being which means she is easily hurt on an emotional level.

Free Spirit: She likes to live in the here and now not knowing where life will take her but at the same time she thinks about the future.

Trust’s No One: Self explanatory. Muirin has been hurt in the past and lied to enough that her heart is guarded. This however can be problem causing in relationships of any sort.

Fiery, Vengeful, Passionate: Muirin is a noble creature by birth yet hyper active at times. She likes to party and have fun and has a hot temper if angered. She is vengeful if anything hurts her or anyone else she cares for. The lady is a very passionate being in life and in relationships whether friendship, or romance.

Natural Wings: Black wings that have a reddish tint in the light. Muirin is an exceptional flyer but can't exceed the height of typical aircraft. Battle in the air is defiantly possible for her and she is good at it.

Natural Born Leader: Not submissive by any means ,however she is respectful of others feelings. Muirin knows how to get things accomplished when they need to be.

Strategist: The noble queen is very good and building and coming up with plans and see's them through until the end.

Sword Technique: Her fighting specialty. She has been trained in the art of swordsmanship her entire life. It's who she is in every aspect.

Agile: Muirin is a well balanced warrior and her moves are accurate just as they are speedy.

Fast: Muirin has quick movement in combat not perfect by any means.

Dream Physic: She has the ability to sense and see the future within her dreams. Her visions aren't one hundred percent but they are fairly accurate.

Magic use: Coming soon

//Past and Present
Character History
Born and partially raised in the hidden mystical lands of Ireland. As a child she was trained in the arts of war and was taught how to fight and how to lead. Her main talent is the strategy behind war itself. Muirin has a pure heart but make no mistake she is by no means innocent regardless of how she appears or acts. The lady can be quite fierce and brutal if provoked or if she feels threatened in any way. At a very young age she befriended an enemy of their clan who eventually was used as a spy against her family and while she was off training her entire family was literally slaughtered. Muirin came back to find only one person alive, her mother. After their queen passed Muirin left her homeland heartbroken and alone. It was the angelic creature’s goal to start a new life hopefully with less blood shed. Currently she is working as a traveling singer, and taking belly dance courses at a university just trying to live out her life and find out where she belongs in the world.

Hey everyone I'm looking for penpals male or female between the ages of 20-30 location doesn't matter. I wouldn't mind having Irish and Scottish penpals to. I have Irish and Scottish ancestry and my Dad is from Scotland. I prefer snail mail but talking over aim, or msn messenger is fine once in awhile or just to say hello. :D I'm pretty open minded, friendly, kind hearted, and spiritual. I don't like fake people however or rude hating people. If you want to develop a long lasting friendship then feel free to contact me on Live Journal or messenger. They are listed on my profile. Cheers & Blessed Be.

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